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Hi everyone! My name is Sarah, and I am a Christian, saved and sustained daily by my wonderful Savior. I am a wife to my high school sweetheart, Mitch; we got married at 19! I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, an aunt, a co-worker, and a woman that struggles with infertility. God has used this struggle to completely transform my life. I have experienced fear, hope, anxiety, compassion, trust, peace, tears, excitement, pain, laughter, and many other things that come with infertility. But most of all, I have a deeper trust and friendship with my Creator and my husband, and for this, I am forever thankful. The purpose of this blog is for me to remember the ups and downs of this trial, and how my Savior has brought me through it all. For those who have never struggled in this area, I hope this blog will help you see a glimpse into the life of someone struggling with infertility, so that you might better know how to encourage them through these difficult times. I also pray that this blog will help other women struggling in this area to know that you are not alone! There is a river of peace that is found in Christ that can help you through even the darkest of circumstances, I promise!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Less Than Half


I know a lot of this wont make sense to you right now, but I want to remember everything that's happened throughout this process. And also, I'm sure we will spend tons of time in the future talking about all of the little things in your life, so I'm just making sure you have something to read when you want to hear about mommy's life.

After my second set of bloodwork, I got a call on my birthday to tell me that my numbers came back at 8,000. While this is nowhere close to the 0 that we need to see it's better than the 17,500 from the previous week. Basically, this means that my body could just be taking it's sweet time getting back to my pre-pregnancy levels. But, the doctor seems to think that because my levels dropped to less than half of the previous number in 1 week's time, this is potentially a good sign that I will NOT need a D&C! This would be a huge answer to prayer!! I won't get too excited until I finally get the call that my numbers are back to 0, but I will be thankful for the results I received on my birthday.

Anyways, on Tuesday, daddy and I celebrated my birthday for the 10th time together!! The first time we celebrated my birthday together was for my sweet 16 birthday party in 2005. Pappap and Mimi had moved here from Tennessee several weeks before daddy did. Long story short, Pappap, Mimi, G-momma, and Papa-J got to know each other and became friends. Pappap called daddy and told him that he had found him a wife in Florida, and that as soon as daddy and Uncle Kevin got into town, they were headed straight for my sweet 16 birthday party. They didn't have a choice. I remember the two of them walking into my party like it was yesterday. The next several weeks after that, we spent every single day together. And the rest is history :)

Rest assured, that is not the last time you will hear that story. It is my favorite story of God's providence in our lives. At least at this point it is my favorite. I know that the story of meeting you and your brothers or sisters for the first time will be pretty tough competition! It is incredible to think about God's providence, and it gives me full confidence that I will have an amazing story to blog about our children one day! I love you so much, and daddy and I pray for you every single day!


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